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Ajax Kit 7.2 Apartment with Keypad Plus (White) Alarm System

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Ajax Kit 7.2 Apartment with Keypad Plus (White) Bespoke Kit – Smart Wireless Security Alarm System

Code: KIT7.2WH

Package Included:

  1. 1x Ajax Hub 2 (2G) Control Panel – GSM & Ethernet – White
  2. 3x Ajax MotionProtect Pet Tolerant Wireless PIR – White
  3. 3x Ajax RFID Tags- White
  4. 1x Ajax Keypad Plus- White
  5. 1x Ajax HomeSiren Wireless Internal Sounder – White

Hub 2 (2G)

Hub 2 is an intelligent security system control panel that supports detectors with visual alarm verification, that developed only for indoor use. Included in this Ajax Kit 1

Motion Protect

Wireless motion detector that notifies the owner of the first signs of home or office intrusion.

Ajax RFID Tag key fob for the security system controlling

The Ajax RFID Tag is a secure and contactless key fob that allows for easy access to the security system. By presenting the Tag to the reader on the keypad, the security system can be quickly disarmed. This key fob is encrypted and copy-protected, which means that it enables you to manage security modes without requiring a password, a user account or access to the Ajax app.

Ajax KeyPad Plus

KeyPad Plus is a wireless indoor touch-sensitive keyboard to control the Ajax security system with contactless access devices: cards, tags and smartphones.

Home Siren

Wireless indoor siren that loudly notifies of an alarm during detector activation.


AJAX Smart Wireless Alarm Security System

Ajax is a smart, dependable, and incredibly fast security system. It only reacts to real dangers and never triggers false alarms. In the event of an emergency, Ajax will immediately notify you.

Ajax has been designed from the ground up with a focus on functional design, cutting-edge technology, and the best available components. This commitment to excellence has resulted in a user-friendly security system that offers unbeatable reliability and functionality for security professionals.

The Ajax app allows you to manage your Ajax Kit 1 security system with ease, enabling you to arm and disarm your system from anywhere in the world with just a few taps. You can even turn on your appliances before you arrive home. Receive instant notifications through SwiftAlerts, a protocol that is unparalleled in its speed and efficiency.

The Hub intelligent control panel is the heart of the Ajax security system. It continuously monitors all Ajax detectors and instantly sends an alarm signal to the owner and the Central Monitoring Station in case of danger.

With built-in GSM and Ethernet capabilities, alarm notifications can be sent to either the Central Monitoring Station or the owner. The Hub also has a battery backup that can keep the system operational for up to 15 hours in case of power loss.

The Hub collects encrypted information on detector operation, analyzes the data, and in the event of an alarm, notifies the owner and the Central Monitoring Station in mere milliseconds. Ajax uses Jeweller radio technology to constantly monitor its detectors and guarantee a quick response in the case of danger. In the event of jamming, the system will switch to clear frequencies to ensure the safety of your property. The software level protection ensures that the device is immune to viruses and hacking.

Ajax Kit 1 is ready to use right out of the box. The system can be fully configured using the mobile application, and detectors can be easily added by scanning a QR code. The included SmartBracket mount makes it easy to install the system in just a few minutes.

Don’t hesitate to contact with us whenever you require assistance regarding Ajax Kit 1. Home-CCTV will always be there!


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