3 Blade Rotary Coax Cable Stripper for RG58, RG59. RG6

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This 3 blade, rotary coax cable stripper is an economical, high-performance coaxial stripper with a strong ergonomic design. This will perform two and three-level stripping of coaxial cables, stripping the outer jacket, braided shield and inner dielectric. The adjustable blade depth works well for different coaxial cable thicknesses. This coax cable stripper makes it easy to have the right preset stripper for the job. If you need to adjust the blades, simply use the included hex key that makes it easy to set the new cutting depth. The stripping diagram on the top of the stripper makes it quick to select the proper tool for the coaxial cable you’re using. Self-regulating tension means that you don’t have to hold the jaws down on the cable. Just insert the cable and spin the tool in the direction of the arrow on the side.

  • Easily adjustable blade depth for different cable thicknesses
  • Self-regulating stripping method
  • Pre-set strip lengths to work for most common connectors
  • Economical price with high-quality performance
  • Clear cable illustration on top of tool for cable placement and embossed arrow for spin direction
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