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4 Good Reasons You Need a Home Surveillance CCTV System

With the increasing rate of theft and break-ins in the UK, it falls on the shoulders of every homeowner to keep their homes safe. Installing a home surveillance system is one of the most reliable and cost effective ways to achieve this.
Not only does such a security system help ensure your property is constantly watched, making it easier to thwart the efforts of any individuals with malicious intent, but it also serves as an effective deterrent to these criminals. Here are four ways that installing such a CCTV surveillance system can help keep your family, property and home safe.

Provide Visual Coverage No Matter Where You Are


Provide Visual Coverage No Matter Where You Are - Home-CCTV

We can’t always be at home. Sometimes we need to be at work or with friends and family. Other times we enjoy a night out or a date with our significant other. There’s also those times when we need to travel. Times like this when we are away from home is when our homes and businesses are the most vulnerable. A home surveillance system can go a long way towards resolving the many risks that can arise.

With a home or business surveillance system, you have CCTV cameras that help you keep an eye on your property from the convenience of your mobile devices, even when you are away.

Smart Home Notifies You When There is an Issue


Smart Home Notifies You When There is an Issue - Home-CCTV

Home surveillance systems are more than just CCTV cameras. These are advanced Smart Home security systems that provide more than just visual coverage. A good surveillance system has an inbuilt alarm system that alerts you, and sometimes the neighbours and even the authorities of any attempt at breaking in or trespass. This way, you can stop crimes before they even happen. Here in Home-CCTV , we have selected very effective & professional Smart Home Alarm System along with Ajax Wireless Alarm Security System, Detectors, Doorbell & Many more. Feel free to check through our Smart Home category.

Helps You Keep Tabs on Your Kids and Pets


Helps You Keep Tabs on Your Kids and Pets - Home-CCTV

Home surveillance systems are especially great for homes with kids and pets. These security systems can be used to keep an eye on your dependents, no matter where you are, in or out of the house, it just takes a few seconds to check in and visually confirm everything is OK.

CCTV Can Serve As Evidence in the Court of Law


CCTV Can Serve As Evidence in the Court of Law - Home-CCTV

Home surveillance systems that make use of CCTV Recorders and stored CCTV footage can be used as evidence in a court of law. So not only can such a system help you prevent and respond to crime in time, but it can also be used in the pursuit of justice after a crime has been committed.

Get a Home Surveillance System today


Get a Home CCTV Surveillance System today!

The benefits of owning a home surveillance system are too numerous and too valuable to not have one installed in your home. Home-CCTV provides a home surveillance system that makes use of CCTV kits to provide home surveillance you can trust. Now that these advanced CCTV systems have become so much more affordable there really is no reason not to have the best deterrent and security you can provide for your household !

You can find many great CCTV Kits which are comprised of CCTV Camera, Recorder, necessary accessories in a word whole setup. Such as the ExpressOne 4 Channel CCTV Kit  or if you think you want Full-Colour recording solution, you can opt in for Eagle 8 Channel Full-Colour CCTV Kit . There are various collection we curate for you everyday, meeting your demand at any level. Please visit and buy CCTV Kits from our collection.

Get in touch today to get your own home surveillance system quote.

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