5MP BALUN BNC-LAN-P-5MP HD screw terminal 1x pigtail


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5mp Balun BNC-LAN-P-5MP

This non-powered balun allows signals to be transferred via a split pair of cables up to 450m.
This balun is ideal for situations where it is not possible to run coaxial cable to a camera such as in remote install locations.
  • Compatible with CVI,TVI, and AHD
  • Range: 720P CVI – 450m 960P AHD – 350m 1080P 5MP CVI – 250m 1080P 5MP TVI – 250m 1080P 5MP AHD – 250m
  • Impedance: BNC 75Ohm, terminal 100Ohm
  • Dimensions: 39x17x19mm
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