LifeSmart Water Leakage Sensor – LS064WH

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LifeSmart Water Leakage Sensor

Code:  LS064WH


Ensures safety and comfort of use when there is a water leak.
Requires a Smart Station (code LS082WH) and the LifeSmart App to operate.
  • When a water leak occurs, this device uses wireless communication to send a push notification to your mobile phone
  • 200m wireless distance
  • Ultra-low power consumption
More Information
Dimensions50 x 72 x 20mm
Power Supply1 Battery CR2450, 3V

Water Leakage Sensor overview


Ensure safety and the comfort of use when there is
water leak

LifeSmart Water Leakage Sensor
  • Water leak detection
  • Real-time monitoring of your house safety
  • Notifications and record searching via the app
  • App control
  • Communicates with other devices


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